Designed by nurses for patients

Axon Acuity is ...

What does Axon Acuity

  • Predicts high risk mortality via a near real-time, validated, personalized patient acuity score and algorithm
  • Forecasts staffing demands based on patient acuity 
  • Identifies early intervention patient opportunities
    • Matching the “right nurse” with the “right patient” at the “right location” with the “right resource”
  • Integrates with your existing electronic health record and scheduling software with no added documentation
  • Optimizes patient assignments
    • Aids executives in patient and staff resource distribution
    • Assists “Charge Nurse” in balancing patient demand
  • Provides near real-time executive and bedside dashboards, available on Android and IOS devices
  • Allows for organizational transparency regarding patient needs and staff resources while fitting into the natural nurse and executive workflow
  • Alerts critical components of the patient and staffing workflows
  • Follows the American Nurse Association’s core principles of nurse staffing, which include delivering safe and quality care

How will I use Axon Acuity?

Features Nurses Administrators Executives
Identifies high risk patients
Establishes acuity based assignments  
Identifies increasing workload levels
Supplies near real-time visualization of patient and staffing needs
Decreases time spent on resource assignments  
Makes decision-making easier and objective
Predicts patients mortality across areas for resource distribution
Allows for Real Time Communication
Assigns house resources  
Prevents under or over scheduling based on the “best argument”
Identifies greatest risk areas efficiently and effectively
Forecasts & plans future resource needs
Identifies quality care and resource opportunities objectively
Supplies real time- staffing financial information
Assigns competency based units  
Prevents under or over-scheduling based on the “best argument”  
Allows facility distribution of resources  
Provides feedback for direct administrator  
Prioritizes requests